Bones/Meat Deep Processing Lines

Bones/Meat Deep Processing Lines

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Bones/Meat Deep Processing Lines

Application scope:

The bones and meat ( of chicken /pig /cow/beef/sheep) deep processing production lines  are widely used in production industries such as meat-product processing, bone soup, bone flavoring essence, pet feed, flavoring seasoning packet etc.


Composition of bones/meat processing production lines:


Raw bones grinding system, extractiontank system, water recovery system, soup separation tank system, concentratingsystem, prepare and pasteurizing system, Maillard reaction tank system,finished product storage system, filling system, residue broken bones system,electrical control system.


Procedure flow of bones & meat deep processingproduction lines

Procedure flow: raw animal bones grinding pre-processing extractionseparating concentration blending prepare dryingfilling / packing)— finished product



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